Those who learned the art of relationships between the sexes on erotic films of the middle and the end of the last century remember very well how naked beauties showed their pubes, which were invariably present with thick hair.
Today, hairy girls are regaining the positions they once lost. It is not known what caused the reluctance to decorate their genitals with a neat intimate haircut: shyness and modesty, or the desire to give your image naturalness and spontaneity. However, at this point, hairy webcams have many regular customers.

Why Are VR Girls with an Unshaven Bikini Area in Trend?

There are several reasons:
•Many men like to watch girls with hair in the bikini area. Some want to feel like a nervous teenager again while watching an adult movie.
•Hairy VR models are ready to share their curls with their clients. Various services are full of many tempting offers for joint leisure.
•You can watch for hours how the finger disappears in the hot thickets of the alluring pubis. In front of satisfied customers, mature hairy VR models are desperately naughty, toying with their charms.

What Other Options Are Out There?

Some VR webcam girls might be not only unshaven in the panty area. Also, they rarely shave their armpits, which keeps the smell of a woman longer, which is attractive to fans of this trend in sexual fun. The degree of hairline in a model with an unshaven pubis, of course, is determined by the client himself.
Hairy ladies are a special category, emphasizing their age due to an unusual intimate haircut. Such a woman will offer her client various entertainments for exploring the hard-to-reach thickets of an intimate bush. In this situation, hair in intimate places is an integral part of the complex image that attracts clients so much.

You Can Combine Erotics and History

In any case, VR models with unshaven bikini areas are somewhat of a trend, since historically the ladies from red-light houses in the century before last wore quite impressive intimate haircuts. And this was caused by the demand of customers for sexual delights.
Pubic hair is one of the oldest and most sought-after fetishes. Giving zest to your image, in this way, is mainly preferred by women with a curvy body structure, but recently girls with a model appearance have refused to shave their vulva smoothly. In combination with the right wardrobe, this approach creates the desired effect. A model that has created a themed design will be particularly attractive for clients of VR chats, which will allow them to plunge into the historical, intimate life of our distant ancestors.
Now girls with hairy intimate areas occupied a privileged position in the hierarchy of erotic pleasures in virtual reality. Their services are mainly used by adults and mature men. In any case, everything that a man likes is in demand. The main thing is not to be disappointed in choosing a partner for a joint session and to avoid this, you need to carefully study the profiles of VR models.

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